14 January 2011

St. Elmo Hotel - Austin, Texas - New Painting In Progress

Original drawing before paint

Here are few shots of my new painting.  I felt the need to kick off the New Year with a neon motel sign!  I've got tons of detail work to do on this one.  I'm just laying down the base colors now.  I'll keep you updated.


  1. There's an opportunity for you to do something rather small with a postage stamp this year, Jeb. The USPS replacement for the Happy Birthday & Greetings stamps is a neon Celebrate! stamp. I'm going to do a neon sign at night.

    This one with the hyphenated name is rather cool as it is.

  2. How do you like the neon celebrate Forever stamp? I designed and fabricated it! For real...Michael Flechtner

  3. Very cool stamp! Thanks for stopping by!


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