18 January 2011

Creating Your Own Framed Burlap Frisco Coffee Company Bag - Tutorial

Today I wanted to share a little craft that I did yesterday.  My wife really wanted to do something with a large frame she bought at McKinney Trade Days a few months ago.  She also wanted to incorporate burlap.  We brainstormed together and thought it might be cool if we created a piece that looked like a framed burlap coffee bag. We decided to make up a coffee brand named after our town.  The Frisco Coffee Company is what we chose.  It was a cheap way to create a large piece of crafty art. 24 x 36 frame $5, spray paint $4, burlap $3, stencils $3, Masonite board $4. Total for entire project = $19.
Here is the tutorial:

 I took a piece of 24 x 36 Masonite board and stretched the burlap over it and then stapled it down.

   I then measured and marked off the center of the burlap with masking tape.

 I laid out my stencils and centered everything based off of the tape. Use whatever text you want.  We just made this up after researching different styles of coffee bags on Google images,

  Then I taped around the stencils to assure that everything would be balanced.

   I traced the stencils in sharpie and began to paint them in with acrylic paint.

  I fit it in the frame to test for accuracy.

I spray painted the frame black separately, added a little color with the stars, and finally put it all together.


  1. LOL. That looks cool, Jeb. Which reminds me, I saw a COFFEE burlap bag at an antique show this past weekend - The Bong Brothers, Hawaii. ;o)

    It didn't last long. I think it went on the road with the Doobie Brothers.

  2. Turned out very nice. Great tutorial as well.

  3. I like it, but what's really intriguing is the peek we are getting of the mantle.

  4. Oh yes, the mantle. That was a nice little pick up by Carrie at her favorite little shop in New Braunfels. It's pretty cool.

  5. how did u get the mantle back to frisco?

  6. Very interesting article, which you have shared here about the burlap. After reading your article I got very much information about the process of making burlap crafts and I am thankful to you for sharing this article here.


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