10 March 2010

Wednesday Ramblings - Watercolor Desert Scene / Canvas Wood Frame Edges / Maynard Dixon

5 x 5 - 5 minute watercolor

New Sky

New Frames

Not too much to say today, but here is what has gone on in the last couple of days:

1) Tried out a new framing system on the canvas: 2" poplar wood strips nailed down along canvas edges. I may use it on some future stuff, but not everything. It does give the canvas a nice cleaned up look. Got the tip from Jerry Brem.

2) Repainted my sky on the Alamo Plaza Motel sign. It looks better....but I still may mess with the sky some more.

3) Watched an outstanding documentary on Maynard Dixon. It was awesome...very inspiring!

4) Went in for LASIK consultation today....may get the procedure done in a few weeks. Will I lose that artsy edge I have with my cool hip glasses???


  1. Hey, Jeb. Where did you see the MAynard Dixon doc? And, if you don't feel cool enough without the specs you can always wear fake ones!

  2. Jennifer, a co-worker of mine purchased the DVD off the website that is linked above. It is really great!

  3. Hi Jeb. I produced that film on Maynard Dixon and I wanted to thank you for the link, and tell you how much I love the colors in your paintings! I'd love to have an Amazon review by you if you get a chance, good to hear what artists think of the film. Keep up the great art!

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