02 October 2009

How In the World Did You Find Junky Trinkets?

I set up a little counter on my blog back in January to keep track of how many visitors I get on the blog. I'm not trying to break any records or anything like that....I was just curious. I look at the data every once in a while to see the Google search results that direct traffic to the blog. These are the things that people type into Google that are looking for something and end up clicking on a link to this blog. These results can be hilarious! Here are a few of the keyword gems that you can type into Google and somehow end up here:

la confesion tejano
Was Georgia O'Keefe a mother?
Tejano mullets
How to draw an old junkie with hair
Mullets in Lubbock - personal favorite
Coolest building in Lubbock, Texas - Hmm, what is the coolest building in Lubbock?

I seem to have the market cornered with any mention of Tejano mullets.


I always like to hear what you think.....drop me a note!


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