31 October 2009

Happy Halloween - 5K Day

Today was the race I have been semi training for over the last few months. The recent early morning storms and wind have put a damper on my training consistency over the last 3 weeks. Anyway, I ran the Gary Burns Fun Run here in Frisco this morning. It is a huge race with tons of participants. The weather was beautiful and crisp. Perfect running weather! I set a goal of running it under 26 minutes. Mission accomplished! My time: 25:57. I even did it wearing the ridiculous outfit above. The wig got a little hot towards the end. There were many people that didn't quite know what to think of me. Perfect! I was playing head games to psyche them out. I had a great time. My next race is December 13th, when I run a five mile leg on a relay team in the Dallas White Rock Marathon. I've never run more than 3.5 miles. This should be interesting.
PS. The fu manchu was real. The star hand tat...sharpie art. Oh, and I placed 2nd in the jean shorts division. My friend Seth beat me by a couple of minutes.


  1. That's a good look Jeb! I've always wanted to run a marathon with a cigarette hanging out of my lips (not that I smoke)~ just to see the looks on everyones face! haha

    25:57 is a great time for a 5k (if you ask me) and a strong platform for your relay (you should handle the 5 miler pretty easy) Good luck in Dec.!

  2. LOL. Maybe you ought to take Tom's suggestion to heart for the relay - only make it a cigar!

  3. And I see you went with the Holga Silos for the banner. Nice. ;o)

  4. Good job, Jeb! Will this be your race wear for the future?

  5. Jennifer- This will be the last time I wear a wig to run in. The shorts weren't too bad...maybe a little heavy.
    Tom- Yes, I was happy with my time. Not bad for a 225 lb. ex high school 300m hurdler. But it's no where near the the guys running it in the 17-21 minute range...That will never happen. Baby steps.
    MrCachet- Thanks, I thought the banner could use a tweak.

  6. Dang, I can't believe you ran in that. Not to mention that you met your goal time while wearing it! Hmm...so is this going to be your standard race outfit from now on!?


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