08 September 2009

I got me a Holga

Last weekend I was visiting with a friend of mine at a cross country meet and I asked him if he had taken any good pictures lately. He said that he taken some nice pictures with his Holga camera. A what? a Holga. Cool. What is it? He told me about how it is a cheap little plastic toy camera that takes some really cool lomo style photos. My interest was sparked so I went home and researched them online and bought one a few hours later off of Amazon. It was $27.00. I finally got it last Friday and took it with me to New Braunfels to snap some shots....one problem though...no film. Saturday morning I went down to the local camera shop....Landa Foto, to see what they had. The guy looked at me and kind of laughed when I asked him if they had any 120 film. He said, "we don't even develop 35mm here anymore, its all gone digital" Then he said, "let me check in the back just in case". He reappears with 5 rolls of expired 220 film. I told him I would take it. It cost me $5. I loaded the film after I read some articles about riggin' my Holga to take the 220 film.....it's supposed to take the 120. I got it all set up and went out to Gruene Hall to take some photos. I took about 15 shots. The Holga is a old school camera, you have to hand roll the film. Since I used the 220 film I had to count clicks in between shots since 220 film doesn't have a paper backing with numbers. I haven't been this excited about a new toy in a long time. From what I have seen on the Internet the effects that you get from these cameras are really great. The only trick may be finding a place to get my rolls developed. I will surely post my first few Holga images as I get them back. My mind is spinning with ideas for this camera. Please let me know if you have any experience with one of these and any pointers that you might want to share. The Internet is full of groups, blogs, and websites about the Holga. Who knew? not me....now I do. Hopefully I'll be able to get some great pics from my new toy camera.


  1. WOW. There's a photographer here that uses infrared film to take his photographs - you know - old style. My BIL is a professional working out of Seattle and hasn't used film in more than several years but has kept every camera he ever purchased. I'll ask, Jeb.

  2. Anonymous9/12/2009

    There's always places you can mail the film to to have it processed...


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