01 April 2009

Wednesday Wheels - 1979 Toyota FJ 40 - Dream Car

I'm a pretty simple guy. I don't really want much or need much. I drive a 1996 Light Blue Honda Accord. It has 160,000 miles on it. It starts up like a champ every day.....I'm knocking on wood at the moment. It's been stolen from my driveway before.....only to be recovered a week later minus a CD player. It won't go away. Hanging on to this car has now become a sign of my anti-consumerism beliefs. The more miles I rack up and the more years that pass by make me want to see just how long I can drive this thing. If and when it ever dies, I will probably get a used Toyota 4Runner for like $5,000 or something.....I hate car payments. I haven't made one in many years. Now, enough about my paid for hooptie. Lets just say I wanted to go out and splurge.......what would I like? Look above. I found this gem on EBAY, the auction still has a couple of days to go. It only has 4,700 original miles on it and it can be bought right now for $57,000. This is my dream car. The 1979 Toyota FJ 40 Landcruiser. This one is about as nice of one that I've ever seen. I picture myself driving this along the back roads of Colorado, fishing gear in the back with some Willie playing on the radio, just looking for the perfect spot catch a brown trout. This will probably will never happen in this vehicle.....I can dream can't I?


  1. i haven't made a car payment in four years, never again, that cruiser is pretty cool, but i like old scouts better

  2. Go to Rockauto.com and look up your 2000 Honda. Click on part numbers to see what other years and makes the parts fit and/or look up the different cars to see if they share the part numbers you are interested in.


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