15 April 2009

Dreamland BBQ Sauce

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had visited Dreamland BBQ in Birmingham, Alabama. They are known for their world famous ribs. They were great! So good in fact that I decided to buy some Dreamland BBQ sauce to try and reenact the taste back here in Texas when I make my ribs. So before we left Birmingham I went into the local Piggly Wiggly and bought a jar of it. It wasn't until the cashier rang it up that I realized that I had just dropped $11 on a jar of BBQ sauce! I couldn't return it because I craved it. I mean I could have picked up a Piggly Wiggly shirt that said "What Happens At The Pig, Stays At The Pig" for $10....one dollar less. I went with the sauce. We've had it a couple of times already with some pork and chicken.....and it's good......but is it $11 good? It's a big enough jug of it....so it should last us a while.

1 comment:

  1. I meant to say that will be cheap in two years


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