25 August 2011

Tumbleweed TexStyles Is Born!

I have a little announcement to make.  My friend Brian and I have started a t-shirt business! The company name is Tumbleweed TexStyles. Yes, this is probably why I've been slacking on the artwork on the blog lately.  We are very excited about this little venture though.  We have one shirt design out so far with more in the works.  Most all of our shirts are going to focus on Texana, which is something we have a passion for. Our first shirt is the Texas Secede shirt.  It's all in fun....no radical political stuff here.  The design was hand drawn by me a few months ago.  We have had a lot of great feedback from the shirts....it's really cool to see a drawing go from paper to a real shirt!  So cool!  If you can't tell, I'm really excited about this!

Tumbleweed TexStyles has:
1) an ETSY shop
2) a website - http://www.tumbleweedtexstyles.com/
3) a Facebook page
4) a twitter account

I would love for all my Junky Trinket followers to check out our shirts and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  It would mean a lot to have your support......also pass this on to the favorite Texans in your life!

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