16 July 2011

Junky Trinkets Headquarters Complete!

 Cool letter "M" I picked up at Max's Haus in New Braunfels on the 4th of July

 Turntable and Records - Bookcase - Drawing Table

 Small Display Cases - Not yet complete

 Room divider - original works by my favorite artists and a few sports collectibles

 Computer work station - with my sweet vintage Doak Walker chair

 Drawing table - a few original pieces still looking for a good home hanging above

 Closet space - I am able to keep all my art supplies out of sight! This will be my next project - organizing!

 Art Books / Architecture Books / Pearl Beer Memorabilia

 Texana Books / Sports Books

 A few of my antique books for my collages

 Room divider wall - Some Holga Images and a couple of original paintings from Dolan Geiman

Small portion of my SWC and Texas Tech Collectibles - Jones Stadium Astroturf as well

I've been working hard the last few days to get my office / studio in order.  It's quite a daunting task when you collect like me.  It was hard, but I hand selected the pieces I wanted to be surrounded by for inspiration.  I have about 15 boxes in the attic that didn't make the cut.  I finally feel like I can relax and get back to being creative. I still have a couple of bookcases that are works in progress but for the most part I'm done!  Take a look.


  1. LOL. I look at this and think --- Is a move all it takes??? I 'moved' into what used to be my bedroom, since my wife wanted the living room back. It didn't do much good as far as the ORGANIZING goes, I can tell you that! It looks really nice, Jeb.

  2. Anonymous7/16/2011

    I love the M and it would look awesome with my Memphis collection. I did find one problem and that would be the fact that you have an ole miss annual. If you need some books I would be more than happy to send you some. No one should have to be subjected to have that thing anywhere near them. Its the equivalent of hazardous waste.

  3. Great looking place. Very organized. And I love all the books.

  4. Nice place to work. Love the originals above the drawing table.


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