14 April 2011

Green Chile Cheeseburgers - Graham's Grille and Coyote Bluff Cafe

 Graham's Grille - Green Chile Cheeseburger

Line out the door at the Coyote Bluff Cafe - worth the wait my friends!

Inside the Coyote Bluff Cafe

Green Chile Cheeseburger - yes, it's the best burger I've ever had.

How could I forget to post some of my best meals from spring break?  Well, I forgot......sorry.  Better late than never.  I had one of the best green chile cheeseburgers I've ever had at Graham's Grille in Taos.  It was absolutely delicious!  The fried onions, thick bacon, and green chiles were outstanding.  It was paired up perfectly with a Santa Fe Nut Brown.  The very next day on our way home we stopped at Coyote Bluff Cafe in Amarillo.  It's the same place Adam from Man vs. Food stopped when he was in town.  This place is a total dive.  The line was out the door....because there are only about 15 tables in this little place.  I went with the green chile cheeseburger again.  Oh momma!  It was awesome!  I think I declared on the spot that it was the best hamburger I have ever had.  I will still stand by that statement.  If you are in Amarillo, Texas make sure you stop here!  PS. They only take cash so bring some foldin' money.

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  1. Oh man.....I am super picky about my burgers.....but this one looks like a goody!

    ...loved your comment about the found letters :)

    have a great weekend!


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