14 February 2011

400th Post! - Wow! - New Mini Oil Pastel Landscapes

Junky Trinkets has hit 400 posts!  I would have never guessed that I would have been able to go this far with the blogging thing.  I'm kind of addicted though.....so on we push.  Today I wanted to share some mini oil pastels I did last week.  I found these small wooden blocks at a garage sale and thought I'd knock out some small landscapes. They are landscapes painted from some photographs from the Big Bend region of Texas.  My blogging friend/artist - Erin Spencer does small oil paintings in a similar format.  Since I found these small blocks I thought I'd do a couple small pieces to mix it up.  The cool thing about these is that they only take about 20-30 minutes.  They are great when you don't have a large block of time to work.  In other news, I ordered some more film for the Holga.  We'll be heading up to New Mexico in a few weeks and I want to be prepared.  I have some locations in the Taos area I'm scouting out.  Thanks for reading #400!  Here's to 400 more!


  1. Anonymous2/15/2011

    Congratulations Jeb! And those blocks look terrific!

  2. Congrats on #400. Looking forward to the next 400 too!


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